1. Don't bash other authors and their works
  2. You are allowed to rant about stuff
  3. No killing other authors character's unless you've got permission
  4. Het,Yaoi,and Yuri is allowed
  5. If you post something mature, please put that it is mature in the title and what it is mature for
  6. You are allowed 4 OCs, yourself, and 5 pets (on for you and ea. of your OCs)
  7. How to Join

    • PM xXcorruptedXmindXx if you wish to join. And send a pic of you and a description
    The description includes
    Orientation (don't make fun of ppls orientations!)
    And other stuff you wish to add
    • You can also go to "My webcomics" and click on "Apply to Co-Author an Already Existing Comic".
    • Then look for Crackheads and click on it and fill out the stuff
    • The rules may change is I think it is needed, but most likely not cause I'm a lazy ass XD!

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